Published on 30 Oct 2017 | about 5 days ago

Every single object and enemy that Mario can capture and transform into in Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch.
The complete capture list can be found below:
1. Frog
2. Spark pylon
3. Paragoomba
4. Chain Chomp
5. Big Chain Chomp
6. Broode's Chain Chomp
7. T-Rex
8. Binoculars
9. Bullet Bill
10. Moe-Eye
11. Cactus
12. Goomba
13. Knucklotec's Fist
14. Mini Rocket
15. Glydon
16. Lakitu
17. Zipper
18. Cheep Cheep
19. Puzzle Part (Lake Kingdom) (Not shown)
20. Poison Piranha Plant
21. Uproot
22. Fire Bro
23. Sherm
24. Coin Coffer
25. Tree
26. Boulder
27. Picture Match Part (Goomba) (Not shown)
28. Tropical Wiggler
29. Pole
30. Manhole
31. Taxi
32. RC Car
33. Ty-foo
34. Shiverian Racer
35. Cheep Cheep (Snow Kingdom)
36. Gushen
37. Lava Bubble
38. Volbonan
39. Hammer Bro
40. Meat
41. Fire Piranha Plant
42. Pokio
43. Jizo
44. Bowser statue
45. Parabones
46. Banzai Bill
47. Chargin' Chuck
48. Bowser
49. Letter
50. Puzzle Part (Metro Kingdom) (Not shown)
51. Picture Match Part (Mario) (Not shown)
52. Yoshi


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